It was a night unlike any other, an evening set against the shimmering New York skyline — the Miss Auburn University pageant. Former Miss Alabama, and 4th Runner-Up to Miss America, Meg McGuffin hosted the pageant as nine lovely ladies competed for the crown.

The night opened with a shimmering jazz dance that introduced the contestants to the audience and the judges. The night continued with the contestants answering tough questions varying from the legalization of marijuana to the comments of President Trump in regards to the Charlottesville riots.

Ada Ruth Huntley dazzled the audience with her piano performance amidst the talent portion. The night in the city that never sleeps neared conclusion as the lovely ladies made their final walk before the judges decided who would wear the crown. As the judges deliberated, reigning Miss America’s Outstanding Teen, Jessica Baeder, an Auburn native, performed her talent that earned her crown.

The judges returned with their verdict, before the top crown was awarded, the contestant voted award of Miss Congeniality was presented to Sarah Hill; other winners included: Lydia Pass, fourth runner-up; Kimberly Vanderwaal, third runner-up; Ada Ruth Huntley, second runner-up; and Kelly Hutchinson, first runner-up and winner of the Lifestyle & Fitness Swimsuit Award. Finally, the award everyone had been waiting for, the crowing of Miss Auburn University 2018, Brooklyn Holt passed the crown to… Karson Fair! Along with the title, Karson won a year of free tuition, the Mallory Hagan Talent Award, Street Family Achievement Award, and will go on to compete for Miss Alabama next summer.

Last modified: July 8, 2019