Senate Committees

Senate Committees

Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Committee seeks to represent the student body by advocating for their academic needs and desires while working to pass legislation which enhances the academic experience and student success rates at Auburn. In the past, this committee has worked to improve the academic calendar with changes such as adding a fall break, to improve the class registration process, to advocate for improved academic advising, and more.

Committee members: Gavin McElroy (Chair), Carter Cooper, Cullen Bryant, Hope Johnson, Madeline Dodd, Brook Morgan, and Elizabeth Devore

Budget and Finance

The Budget and Finance Committee is the body that allocates all Student Activity Fees. They are responsible for working with each Student Activity Portfolio to gain further insight into their needs and plans for the upcoming year in order to ensure that organizations have what they need and are efficient with their budgets. They also manage the Program Expansion Fund and SGA Reserve Fund when organizations come to request additional money to cover additional expenses outside of their allocated budget.

Committee members: Reese Lisenby (Chair), Sydney Williams, Ashleigh Harris, Nick Seward, Jabin Justin, Mary Logan Sefton, Ryan Hall, and Andrew Sadie

Code of Laws & Rules

The Code of Laws and Resolutions Committee is responsible for maintaining and altering the Code of Laws. The Code of Laws is the governing document of rules and bylaws which governs the student body. In addition to pursuing bylaw revision and upkeep, the Code of Laws committee also reviews all Student Senate resolution drafts before they may go before the Senate.

Committee members: Kyla Mathner (Chair), Ashton Dickinson, Megan Starling, Hayden McDonald, and Coleman Turnipseed

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee seeks to ensure that SGA successfully represents and serves every student at Auburn University. With the University’s growing focus on goals such as increasing the amount of international students on campus, this committee seeks to advocate for diverse groups of students and their needs.

Committee members: Brandan Belser (Chair), Victoria Warren, John David Jones, Casey Rickles, Emma Kate Seckinger, and Ashleigh Neese

Student Affairs

The Student Affairs Committee is designed to address a variety of issues which impact Auburn students on a daily basis such as dining, transportation, health & wellness, residence life, and more. This committee also works closely with the Division of Student Affairs to represent students on various issues as they arise.

Committee members: John David Mathews (Chair), Artie Nayak, Riley Locke, Sam Hinson, Lucy Brown, Jake Haston, and Kate Preston



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