2020-2021 Goals

2020-21 SGA Executive Goals

Mission: Serving and promoting the individual student; unifying all that is Auburn.

The 2020-2021 SGA Executive Team Goals were set with the Auburn student in mind and represent several ways this year’s team hopes to represent you during their term. Please see below for the full list of goals and a brief description of what the goal will entail.

Mental Health Task Force

Assess the current state of mental health resources for students by reinstating a Mental Health Task Force and providing recommendations to administration on how to best move forward.

Food Insecurity

Increase awareness and provide additional resources regarding food insecurity on campus through programming and advocacy efforts.

Foreign Language Exchange Program

Provide students taking Auburn foreign language courses with an innovative academic experience by connecting them with native speakers.

Cultural Competency

Establish an engaging cultural competency program for student organizations to learn best practices for finding common ground.

Civic Engagement

Foster a culture of unity through student civic engagement in both the Census and the 2020 Election.

City Partnerships

Work with the City of Auburn to enhance community partnerships and effectively represent student interests in the future plans of Auburn.

Late Night Ride Share Program

Advocate for the continued use of a subsidized late night ride share program.

Auburn Answers

Launch and promote the improved Auburn Answers website, while enhancing personal contact with SGA.




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Last modified: September 18, 2020