2022-2023 Goals

2022-2023 SGA Executive Goals

Mission: Serving and promoting the individual student; unifying all that is Auburn.

The 2022-2023 SGA Executive Team Goals were set with the Auburn student in mind and represent several ways this year’s team hopes to represent you during their term. Please see below for the full list of goals and a brief description of what the goal will entail.

One-Time Volunteer Opportunities

Increase SGA involvement outside of Cabinet and Senate members.

Online Platforms

Increase student engagement with online platforms to inform students of resources available, efficiently communicate relevant messages, and gather feedback from the student voice.

Collaborate with On-Campus Organizations

Foster meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with on campus identity-based organizations through collaboration on programs and initiatives. 

Prospective Student Recruitment

Connect current students from different campus spheres with prospective students from under-recruited high schools in Alabama to establish relationships that shape the future of Auburn University undergraduate recruitment. 

Mental and Physical Health

Promote the well-being of Auburn’s campus through educating the student body on resources pertaining to mental and physical health.

Loanable Technology

Advocate for expansion in the loanable technology program to ensure students’ technological needs are met with an adequate number of resources.




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Last modified: August 29, 2022