Budget and Finance

Budget & Finance


The Budget and Finance Committee of the Student Government Association Senate serves to allocate Student Activity Fees to Student Activity Portfolios as well as to monitor spending of each Portfolio throughout the year. Please see the Budget tab to see SAP budgets.


Program Expansion Fund (PEF) – The fund from which SAPs can request a reoccurring increase. Each request must first be approved by the B&F Committee and ultimately approved on the Senate floor.

Reserve Fund Request (RFR) – A one-time request for funding of an event or project

Carryover – Unused funds in an SAP account are eligible for carryover requests. If approved during carryover hearings, this money will remain in the SAP’s account to be used for a specific expenditure; if denied, the funding is returned to the Student Activities Fund

Fiscal Year – October 1st to September 30th

Student Activity Portfolio (SAP) – comprised of the six portfolios that participate in the B&F process each year- Student Involvement (Administrative), Student Governance, Student Programming, Leadership & Service, Student Organizations, and Student Media

Friendly Cuts – voluntary cuts made to each SAP’s own budget

Proposed Cuts – motions made to cut from any SAP’s budget

Funding and Hearings 

Each student pays $44.75 as a portion of their Registration Fee. This portion of the Registration Fee is accumulated to create the Student Activity Fee (SAF). The Student Activity Fee is allocated through the Budget and Finance committee to the SAPs during the fall, before the new Fiscal Year begins. Each Student Activity Portfolio works with their Advisor, Treasurer, and B&F Representative to comprise a budget for the new Fiscal Year. The funds allocated are used by SAPs to provide avenues for students to participate in various extracurricular activities and events.

Budget hearings are attended by the B&F Committee, the SAP Treasurers, and the SAP Advisors. Open seating is available in the back for those who wish to observe the hearing process. The Budget and Finance Chairperson leads the hearings by beginning with Friendly Cuts. Once all SAPs have made their Friendly Cuts, the hearing moves to Proposed Cuts until the total amount request is even with the total amount available. Upon completion of the hearing, all budgets undergo a final review before being presented to the Student Senate for a final vote.

For Permanent Student Organizations seeking Student Activity Fee funding, please refer to the Organizations Fund link found on the Student Organizations website.

Additional Funding Requests 

During the course of the Fiscal Year, if an SAP needs additional funding they may request so through a PEF or Reserve Fund request. To make a request, the SAP will contact the Budget and Finance Chairperson and provided details pertaining to the request. The B&F Chairperson will inform the B&F Committee of the request and establish a time for the SAP to come present their request. The B&F Committee reviews the request and ultimately votes on the request. In the event the request is approved, it is taken to the Senate floor for a final vote of approval.

Budget and Finance Committee Members 

Chairperson Hayes Lee
B&F Representative for Student Governance Mary Margaret Turton
B&F Representative for Programming Jackie Litschewski
B&F Representative for BSU & ISO Sam Nunn
B&F Representative for Student Media David Martorana
B&F Representative for Service Programs David Beal
B&F Representatives for Student Organizations Crawford Rummel
B&F Representatives for Leadership Programs Keylan Speed

*For further information regarding the Budget & Finance Process, Funding Guidance, or any other Finance Related topic, please refer to the Finance Law portion of the SGA Code of Laws, Section 800. **If you have any questions, please contact the Budget and Finance Committee or SGA Treasurer for assistance.

Last modified: July 18, 2019