Ring Night & Ceremony

As graduation nears, we are pleased to offer a lasting reminder of the Auburn University experience: The Official Auburn Ring. Our ring evokes special memories of the traditions and images of Auburn University: Samford Hall, Toomer’s Corner, the Auburn Family (and so much more!). The The Official Auburn Ring is a symbolic, continuous link with university experiences, fellow classmates, and alumni.

The Auburn Ring is reserved exclusively for those who have achieved junior year with at least 75 credit hours in good standing. Sponsored by Auburn University and the Student Government Association, the ring will remain unchanged-a tangible connection to the past, present and future. While the other representation of achievement, the diploma, takes a place of pride on the wall, the ring is the only item a graduate can wear that makes the same statement as the diploma.

At the end of the Fall and Spring semesters, students who have completed over 75 hours have the opportunity to be a part of a long-standing tradition that is unique to Auburn. This tradition is Ring Night Celebration.

The Fall 2024 Ring Night will take place on Thursday, December 5, 2024.

The ring recipient will tap their ring on the Auburn seal; this is symbolic of the rings absorbing all of Auburn’s history from founding to present. This also means the rings are placed under the curse of the seal. The ring recipient then dips their ring in water from the President’s fountain which removes the curse, but leaves the Auburn spirit behind to live on in the ring and in the heart of its owner forevermore.

After graduation, the new alumni turn the ring to show the world that they are a proud official member of the Auburn family.




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