Budget & Finance

The Final Budget is determined through a multi-step process. This process is overseen by the Budget and Finance Committee within the Student Senate.

The SGA Senate Budget & Finance Committee will meet on Wednesday, September 16 at 5 PM CDT, to hold the annual Final Hearing which allocates all student activity fees to the various Student Activity Organizations. The meeting will be live-streamed by EagleEye for anyone interested in viewing.

Each student pays $52 which accumulates to create the fund that the Budget &
Finance process is responsible for allocating among the Student Activity Organizations (SAO). The Budget & Finance process allows students to have the responsibility of managing the finances of all six SAOs.

If an SAO needs additional funding they may request either a Program Expansion Fund request or a Reserve Fund Request. The Budget & Finance Committee discusses the request and votes on it. If passed, the request is put into a bill and brought to the floor for the Senate to vote on.

Program Expansion Fund (PEF)- The fund from which SAOs can request a reoccurring increase. Each Request is reviewed by the B&F committee at the end of the year. PEF Requests can be found here. 
Reserve Fund Request (RFR)- This is a request for some amount of funding that is requested for a one time event or project. The RFR form can be found here.
Fiscal Year – The university fiscal year runs from October 1 – September 30. All Student Involvement budgets follow this fiscal year


Please see below for the current Budget and Finance Process schedule:

Week of September 1- Preliminary hearings

September 16- Final Budget Hearings and Cut Process

September 28- Budgets passed on the SGA Senate Floor

October 1- New Fiscal Year Begins

Late October- Carryover Hearings

Budget & Finance Committee Contact information

Rett Waggoner: Committee Chair

Email: jgw0016@auburn.edu

Cole Callahan: Leadership

Email: npc0014@auburn.edu 

Sage O’Brien: Service

Email: mso0010@auburn.edu 

Lance Levine: Student Media

Email: lrl0018@auburn.edu

Christian: ISO & BSU

Email: koc0003@auburn.edu

Luke Hess: UPC

Email: kmn0029@auburn.edu

Will Beattie: SGA

Email: wab0030@auburn.edu

Kate Nobles: Student Orgs

Email: kmn0029@auburn.edu




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