Remember the last time you were complaining about something? Did you do anything about it? No? Why? The next time you see something that should be changed on Auburn’s campus, let SGA know!

Auburn Answers is designed to streamline your issues to be forwarded to the appropriate authorities. Our team reviews every message submitted and will respond with information and make sure that your issue is addressed. Auburn Answers is happy to take on any problem you have and accepts feedback of every kind; Joey Wirtes, SGA’s Assistant Vice President of Outreach Feedback, said, “Our team’s role within SGA is often behind the scenes, yet we all find gratification by being able to personally help students and see our hard work lead to positive effects seen all over Auburn.”

Information collected through Auburn Answers has led to changes in dining, student ticketing, and facilities across campus, just to name a few. This feedback is a unique way for SGA to be connected with the student body at all times.

Whether you have an idea for dining to improve or want to say how much you appreciate everything facilities does to keep our campus looking pristine, Auburn Answers is there for you.  This week is Auburn Answers week and we will be out on the concourse gathering feedback and would love for you to come see us.

By Jacob Sparks

Director of Print Media, SGA


Last modified: September 21, 2023