Class of ‘28,

Welcome to Auburn. For decades, the Plains has distinguished itself by attracting individuals from all corners of the globe to a town in East Alabama, where friends become Family. The Auburn Family is woven together from personal stories that embody the true spirit of the Auburn Man or Woman. Just as every brick of the beloved Samford Hall bears its own character, so does every individual – all centered around a deep love for the Plains.

My Auburn story began where you are. Wide-eyed, expectant and pondering what the next few years would hold. Even then, I sensed that I was stepping into something special. Little did I know that legendary moments like the “Miracle at Jordan Hare” are not anomalies here. It’s Auburn. Before you press on, allow me to share a few insights and challenges from someone who once sat in your seat.

Find your love of Auburn.

We have always been an everything school – academics, campus life, athletics. Dedicate time to discover all that Auburn has to offer. Found in the Auburn Creed, is a tenant, “I believe in Auburn and love it.” The statement may seem simple, but it holds distinct meaning to every individual who steps foot on this campus. Your journey will be yours. I encourage you to explore new things, walk through new doors, start new conversations, and be willing to plant seeds that may take root in time.

Find your team.

The people around you are there for a reason. Dive deep into these early friendships. Go to fun events, stay up late talking at night, grab fast food at 2 AM. It is in these moments where lasting friendships are forged. If you don’t find these connections early, be patient—the Auburn Family will no doubt embrace you.

Find your purpose.

My last challenge. What would the next few years look like for you to live on mission? Four years may seem like an eternity, but it’s fleeting compared to the rest of your life. However, these years serve as a crossroads in many ways. The habits you form now will shape the Auburn Man or Woman you become. In the timeless truth quoted by Auburn Creed’s author George Petrie, the finest way to serve is, “by doing justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly with your God.”

While I am beyond excited to see all that you achieve, I am more excited to witness who you become. What if the gift that you leave Auburn is who you become – the Auburn Man or Woman that is marked as someone who embodies hard work, mutual helpfulness and a sound mind. Reflecting on over 168 years of excellence, it’s even more amazing to contemplate the next 168. Now is your chapter, we pass the torch to you. As we believe in Auburn, we believe in you. We’re grateful to welcome you into our Family.

War Eagle,

Jack Hilton, SGA President ‘25


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