Sunglasses on, earbuds in, phone in hand — you are ready to take on the Haley Concourse. This staple package screams “Please don’t talk to me,” but those dedicated souls on the concourse just will not listen. Most people know to avoid the concourse at all cost, but some still choose to make the trek. There’s no time on the concourse more intimidating than election weeks.

Candidates and their supporters put everything they have into securing your vote. Sometimes, it’s excessive, but I implore you the next time you’re forced down the Haley Concourse, remember that those people are giving everything they have to try to get your vote. Every person, and their Instagram followers, knows what their candidate stands for and what makes them special, so stop to hear what they have to say. As an Auburn student we are all entitled to have our voice heard in elections like Miss Homecoming, so why wouldn’t you utilize that privilege?

If you can’t make it down the concourse for the free merchandise and a good time, you can find information about every Miss Homecoming candidate here. Don’t forget to make your voice heard in the Miss Homecoming elections this Friday, September 15, from 7 A.M. – 7 P.M. on the My Campus tab of AU Access at . Conquer your fears and face the concourse, social interaction with a stranger will not kill you, and do your part to make a mark on Auburn University by electing your Miss Homecoming.


Jacob Sparks

Director of Print Media

Last modified: September 21, 2023