With over 27,000 students, being a part of Auburn’s campus can sometimes be overwhelming. Working to make this overflowing campus feel like home, is a communal effort that is usually summarized as the Auburn family. Everyone always talks about this atmosphere that makes the Plains feel like home to so many, but what actually makes the Auburn family special? Some say it is just a fan base, others say it is nothing more than a marketing campaign, but any true Auburn man or woman knows it is the spirit inside every Tiger’s heart. It is the drive to help their fellow man and the drive to live the best life they possibly can. The Auburn family is undoubtedly there for one another in the good times and in the bad. Sophomore Hannah Robertson described it as, “A sense of belonging… no matter where you come from, we’re all there for one another, it’s a safe place to be amidst such a chaotic time like college.”

SGA strives to support the Auburn family in all things we do, so this semester we have reinvented our program, Family Fridays. This program is designed to bring students together to strengthen their bonds with one another and with the university as a whole. This Friday, we have partnered with Emerge to unite freshmen with their classmates and older peers. From 11 AM – 1 PM on Friday, September 1, SGA will have blankets, games, and music, courtesy of WEGL 91.1, on Cater Lawn for students to enjoy. Bring your lunch, grab a friend, and take part in an event that aims to build on the most unique part of our university—the Auburn family.

By Jacob Sparks
Director of Print Media, SGA


Last modified: September 21, 2023