Up All Night with Aubie

Ever wondered what everyone’s favorite tiger does during finals week? I personally have never seen Aubie hitting the books, but in the late night hours of April 30th, I did spot him in the library. Aubie took to the Ralph Brown Draughon Library to help pass out doughnuts, orange juice, and scantrons during SGA’s annual week-long finals event, Up All Night.

The Tiger skipped through the line greeting people and snapping a few selfies with students who were taking a break from studying. Shortly after midnight, Aubie welcomed everyone anxiously awaiting the free Krispy Kreme doughnuts and juice that was promised to them. Students, some draped in blankets and others in slippers, filed through receiving well-wishes from SGA members on their impending physics, geography, and biology exams. A hug from Aubie awaited many at the door, but everyone knows he does not have the longest attention span. He soon tried to take over the job of handing out napkins from SGA Executive Director of Elections Catherine Milling, but after not excelling at the task, Milling interjected, “Aubie you’re holding up the line, boo.” He decided he had had enough and took a quick catnap in the middle of the room.

After his nap, Aubie and some of his friends took to the nooks and crannies of RBD to make sure that everyone got a doughnut. Most seemed more intrigued when they saw that SGA had gotten more than just original glazed; many opted for a chocolate-covered cream-filled or even a mint chocolate chip doughnut. On the fourth floor, Aubie put a ring, or at least a doughnut, on a few people’s hands. Classic late-night study delirium set in as Aubie made his way out with an empty box on his head and even flashing a few unsuspecting students from the elevator.

Though he may not be taking any finals, Aubie the Tiger could not miss hanging out with some of his friends as the semester comes to a close. When asked if he liked the event, Aubie simply shook his head approvingly and gave a quick thumbs-up. With the Aubie stamp of approval, we hope you will take a break from studying and join us at midnight, Sunday through Thursday of finals week in the Student Center and library for free doughnuts and orange juice. You never know who you will get to meet or the memories you will make when you are Up All Night with SGA.

By Jacob Sparks

Director of Print Media, SGA

Last modified: September 21, 2023